Month: elokuu 2015

Vaihto-opiskelija Annaleen terveiset

Viime lukuvuonna kouluamme ilahdutti kaksi ihanaa vaihto-opiskelijaa: Annalee Yhdysvalloista ja Luis Meksikosta. Annalee jätti meille vielä keväällä terveiset, jotka voit lukea alta. Ikävä tulee molempia! ❤


Over nine months have pasted since I found out I was going to be living in Finland. Now, with only three months till I fly back to the states, I could not have imagined myself anywhere else.

My name is Annalee Sekulic. I am seventeen years old and I come from Wakeman, Ohio, USA — A small farm town of a thousand. I always wanted to see the world, like most kids do. But not only to see it, but to find a bit of understanding along with it. When people ask, why Finland? I have never found the right answer to this. I mean, Finland is an interesting place – tough language, tough winters – Not many people’s first choice. I get it now though: Finland is not one of those countries which you cannot spend a week or even a few months and understand. It takes time. And throughout that time, I have seen the most beautiful things.

I attend Helsingin medialukio. This school has many differences from mine in the states. The obvious ones — taught in Finnish, different schedule set up, more flexibility — and the not-so-obvious ones: the honest kindness of the classmates, the understanding and compassion from the teachers. This year I experienced my first floorball game and of course the wanhat. I saw what a ”Finnish sauna” was and tasted the traditional Finnish ”delicacy”… mämmi. (ei kiitos) All the experiences have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of Finnish culture.

I fly back soon. I have learned much about Finland. I have also learned much of the States than I would have imagined I would have. And for that, for a new perspective on my country, is a gift.

I am thankful for this year- the people I have met, the adventures which ensued, and the knowledge which I have gained.
I am thankful for Finland.

kiitos kaikille