Month: syyskuu 2019

Visit to Metropolia

My visit to Metropolia



Students ate delicious food at the school restaurant.

It was my first time ever  to visit a university of applied sciences and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The best thing that I liked about the visit was the fact that I could really see what studying looked like there.

We visited two different campuses. The first campus was more about web design and architecture and the other one was all about movies, videos and  animation and I personally loved the first campus that we visited and my friend who was with me loved the second campus and she said that she will go there after high school.

In my opinion this seems to be a very good project first of all because sometimes when think about universities it scares many young people, we just think that people there must be genius and they are totally different then we are, we admire them. But now going there and seeing people who are like us but just older than us and see that they are studying just like we do, it gives courage. “If they can, we can, too.”


Fantastic view and location next to Vanhankaupunginkoski

Before going there in my head I thought that I would not apply there at all, and when we arrived at the school I still had the same thought. However, when we finished our lunches and it was time for the guided tour, we went in three different classes and when they explained and showed us what they had been working on and what they had done, I literally fell in love with  the whole university of applied sciences and I even decided to apply there. Teachers looked really good and so professional. I liked that too.

Something that made me sad is the number of people who are getting accepted. 

Out of 300 applicants (for example in animation or web design) , only 60  are invited for the test and interview, and out of 60 people they only take 20 or 25! Therefore I will keep my fingers crossed and hope my dream will come true…


Flaurelle Ilunga, 18M


Visiting Metropolia university of applied sciences


Both of the media classes from Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts went to visit Metropolia university of applied sciences on Friday the 30th of August 2019. Our school had prepared free return bus trips that lasted altogether one hour. Both of the bus trips went really well and we arrived at Metropolia in time for lunch which was provided by our school. That day lunch was tasty and all in all good. Honourable mention is the cafeteria. It was clean, roomy and well maintained. After everyone had eaten enough of the delicious food our first tour could start. It was divided into three parts and each of them lasted around ten minutes or so. Because our group consisted of over 40 students, we were split into smaller groups just to make the tour run smoothly.

Metro XR

XR Design is an interesting new field of study.

We got to learn about media production and communication, web design, architecture and animation from the teachers and students. They also told us about the application process. The teachers gave us the correct information and the students gave us their perspective on it. The teachers said that there is an eight percent chance getting accepted to Metropolia. There were many students present that weren’t accepted in their first attempt but they were eager to try again which paid off. 



Short films at Metropolia’s movietheatre

After the first tour was over we still had one and a half hour left. All of us moved to the another campus nearby. The campus had a big theater room and there was a man waiting for us. We all could fit to the theater and there were plenty of seats for everyone. The man gave us a short lecture about what goes into a making a movie, short movie and animation. Then we got to see short movies, documentaries and animations which were made by the students of Metropolia. All of them were really well done and I think they impressed all of us. Time was running out and our visit time was ending. The day had been full of information, good company and great new memories.  


Jonna Sinisalo, 18N


Photos: Jonna Suopohja