Month: helmikuu 2021

Erasmus virtual mobility to Poland Jan 26th-28th

So we were supposed to go to Poland this winter. All of us did quite a lot of preparation for the trip, in fact we had had a prep course for the mobility already a year ago, and we were really excited to see what Poland and its culture were about. But sadly we never did get to experience Poland in person so a virtual trip took place in late January and I must say that it was better than I expected. All of us learned quite a bit about Polish school system and culture and Poland in general. We visited our destination, the town of Chelm, the old chalk mine, the state museum at Majdanek. We also worked on our project – Europa Trivia Game – testing our Kahoot questions on various school subjects. We Finns seemed to be unbeatable on English quizzes, whereas the Spanish team was good at history quizzes. That was the reason why I originally wanted to go to Poland so the virtual trip was a success even though all of us wanted to see and experience Poland with our own eyes and not through our computers.

Since they hosted a trip for us we have to host a trip for them as well. So we are going to host a virtual trip for those who were supposed to come to Finland in March. I’ll try to get the most out of it by doing my bit in the programme which will be interactive and informative, presenting  the highlights of Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts, Finland in a nutshell and all the tourist attractions we would have visited in reality. In addition, we will introduce our Erasmus guests to the Finnish way of life and some famous Finns.

Teo Oinonen, 19B 
one of the Erasmus students
student member in the Domestic and International Networking Team